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Cultural year-round Balearics

You might know the Balearics best for their glorious beaches and sun-soaked summers, but did you know that there is lashings to see and do on the islands year-round, especially when it comes to their rich and eclectic culture? Winters … ..more

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Entebbe Interlude

Entebbe is mostly remembered for a dramatic hijacking in the days of Idi Amin. Now it’s a sleepy backwater, writes Ben West… When you mention the word Entebbe, most Brits who’ve heard of it can only think of the 1976 … ..more

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Sax and the Citadel

Taking care to enunciate his vowels, Stuart Render takes a breather next to the man who invented Charlie Parker’s instrument of choice – and visits the House of Sax……………. Walking through the streets of the picturesque southern Belgian (Wallonia) town … ..more

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Islandwana Adventure

You’ve done Kruger and the Cape: now try South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal, writes Ben West….. Whenever I meet someone who has holidayed in South Africa, chances are it’s the same old places, such as the Kruger and the Cape. However, … ..more

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Travel as Fiction – evoking the Welsh history of song and verse

Guild photographer Kerry Christiani provided the cover image for a new novel, based on the history of the Eisteddfod……..  The beauty of fiction is its ability to transport us to other times and places, cultures and countries – to worlds … ..more

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Arcturos Bear and Wolf Sanctuary in Macedonia, Greece

If you go down to the woods today, you are surely in for a big surprise – especially the Macedonia region of Northern Greece, the protected village of Nymphaio in Florina to be exact. Many do not equate Greece with bears. … ..more

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How and when to do Dubrovnik on a short break

Croatia is a turquoise-watered, pebbly-beached hit among many Guild members. It has  a fascinating history, lashings of sunshine, the freshest seafood, and a rapidly maturing wine scene. The star of the show in terms of destinations is easily Dubrovnik, whose … ..more

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Famous gardens revived

  Peter Jolly reports on the restoration of the once hugely popular Leonardslee Gardens Not content with buying one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Sussex and turning part of it into a wine estate, South African-based entrepreneur Penny … ..more

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Sardinian indulgence

  Sardinia hopes to attract more UK visitors out of season – but what can it offer in the cooler months? Rupert Parker joined a group of Guild colleagues invited to find out: In summer, Sardinia is busy with tourists … ..more

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Take time for the Theyyam

The fishing town of Kannur in northern Kerala is an excellent base to discover one of India’s strangest and most colourful ritual celebrations – the Theyyam. Drawing on complex ancient mythology, Theyyams are performed almost nightly throughout the winter months, … ..more

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