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Spirited away on the Isle of Jersey

I broke my phone. As in I actively, with intent, broke my phone. Never one to do things by halves, in a fit of hormonal rage (yoga is not working), as ten consecutive very bad things had happened in a … ..more

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Slow travel in Laos

In the cloak of fading darkness, shadows appear in the delicate hues of a new dawn. An apparition of tangerine-robed figures takes shape from the soft glow oozing from the temple before me. One by one, in silent reverence, a … ..more

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A brush with the Russian military

We had been hoping to meet ‘real’ Russians, but had not bargained on Dimitry. I guess no one really bargains on guys like Dimitry, but there he was, all six feet of him, lurching around in his army fatigues, a … ..more

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Around the World in two Kilometres

This is not a journey to a far flung corner of the world such as the Chilean port of Valparaiso, among the many favourite destinations I have visited over the years. Now I meander through my adopted home of Kinsale, … ..more

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Mindfulness in the mountains

You are walking along a path. It is covered in snow. The sky is blue and all you can hear are birds tweeting. You look down. The snow is glistening in the morning light and you hear the crunch of … ..more

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Paradise with stilts on

The atoll of islands the Maldives bashes every travel writing cliché into touch. Talcum powder sand, azure bath warm waters, one of the best (if not the best) diving and snorkelling experiences in the world (extra cudos I am told … ..more

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Grand tour of Imperial cities

The ticket collector looks very young; his uniform is too big and swamps him. He seems happy working on the train which, he says, is what he would like to do when he grows up. His name is Levi and … ..more

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How to open a hostel or guesthouse in China

Pancakes and retrievers will set you on the right course, says Mark Andrews Step 1: This is by far the most important step and cannot be skipped. I recommend you allocate in the region of half your overall budget for … ..more

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Guernica, Eighty Years Later: An Anniversary of a Tragedy

‘Celebrate’ would be an inappropriate word to choose, but on 26th April every year the Basque town of Guernica marks the anniversary of a shocking event that thrust it unwillingly onto the world stage – and subsequently inspired one of … ..more

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Sake, dogs and Community

With a sudden tug, Henry sends a slug of sake over my hand. Blame it on the toy poodle in the distance. Or me for trying to hold a one-cup sake with his lead wrapped around my drinking hand. In … ..more

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