Coronavirus support for businesses

Well who would have thought that we would be living in such a difficult time, both personal and professionally, just a few weeks ago.

It is of course, unprecedented in living memory. There have been comparisons that the last time anything like this happened was at the end of the First World War. I have spoken to my mum about this: she was born on 14 November 1918, and whilst she can’t obviously remember it, she recalls talking to her parents about it.

It must have been horrendous, but now we have much more sophisticated ways of dealing with such outbreaks, and whilst the death toll is very sad it is unlikely to be on the same scale.  

The Government has put support in place for the self-employed, employed and businesses with a view to trying to save as many businesses and jobs as they can. Whilst this will create a massive debt, it is likened to a war chest, and is seen as necessary if we are to come out the other side, whenever that might be. Unfortunately, there will be casualties.  

Now is the time to utilise the support that is being provided and we have been working hard to make sure that our clients have access to all the latest information, by keeping the COVID-19 hub on our website is up to date with the latest guidance and help.

Rather than go into lots of detail I have put below the man headings that might affect you and your business and then added a link to the relevant section of our website:

  • Statutory sick pay rebate – refunding businesses for paying staff whilst off sick due to Coronavirus/COVID-19  
  • Grants and support for businesses that pay little to no business rates 
  • A business rates holiday for those businesses in the leisure, retail and hospitality sectors 
  • Grants for those in the leisure, retail and hospitality sectors:

This is the Government’s publication relating to grants available to businesses:

We have been busy writing relevant blogs, some of which might be applicable and/or helpful for your personal circumstances: