Photo Essay

Delight of Spring – round up of BGTW members’ images

Spring has sprung and here are a few images captured by our members of this season of rebirth.

Ice thaws on a Baltic inlet – southern Finland
Plum blossom blooms at the Toji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Kukai made the temple the headquarters of Shingon Buddhism. The five storey pagoda is 55 m high and the highest wooden structure in Japan. It dates to 1644, having been rebuilt after lightning stuck it.
Snowdrops in Wales – by Kerry Christiani
A Turner sky: Margate sand, photographed from the Sands Hotel by Gillian Thornton
Spring palette – by John Ruler
April in Paris – by Janine Marsh
Strangford Village, Northern Ireland – by Ferne Arfin
New arrival, Cotswolds – by Dave Saunders
Magnolia blooms in Dorset – Brian Jackman


Orchids – Broadway (Cotswolds) – Caroline Mills
Patagonian spring – by Richard Williams
Spring skiing, Fiss Austria – by Petra Shepherd
Roger Bray

By: Roger Bray
Journalist, Speaker, Freelance Writer