Photo Essay

Images of Summer

In the latest of our seasonal round ups, BGTW members capture images of long summer days:

Haystack Rock, Oregon – by Helen Truszkovski
View from the Hora (high town) to the harbour on Astypalea island – by Rebecca Hall
A Yorkshire walk – by Sarah Siese
Skanderbeg Square, Tirana – by Ben Lerwill
Snowdon railway – by Gillian Thornton
Finnish lakeland scene – by Tim Bird
Zagoria, northern Greece – by Hillary Bradt
Silver Lake, Eastern Sierras, California – by Helen Truszkovski
France – street corner in Creuse – by Roger Bray
Remote lunch spot: taverna on Kalymnos – by Rebecca Hall
Giant Amalfi lemons – by Vivien Devlin
St Valery sur Somme, Picardy – by Janine Marsh
Icebreakers on summer holiday, Helsinki – by Tim Bird
Roger Bray

By: Roger Bray
Journalist, Speaker, Freelance Writer