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Top gifts for travel enthusiasts

How to open a hostel or guesthouse in China

Three generations take a trip to Denmark

A brush with the Russian military

Autumn landscape in Maritime Quebec, Canada, by Stuart Forster.

Online photography exhibition: Open Spaces

Hopefully the images selected for inclusion in this Open Spaces-themed online photography exhibition will provide you with inspiration for future trips.

Climbing La Spada nella Roccia (The Sword in the Stone) in Sottoguda, northern Italy.

Online photography exhibition: Adventure

This online photography exhibition makes history. It’s the first to include a guest contribution by a member of one of the Guild’s sister organisations from the Global Travel Writers’ Alliance.

Lumiere Durham festival of lights in Durham, England

Online photography exhibition: After Dark

Are we beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel?

Professional development

What are the tax advantages of electric vehicles?

What are the tax advantages of electric vehicles?

VAT reduction for tourism businesses

VAT reduction for tourism businesses

Spring Budget 2021

Spring Budget 2021

Budget 2021 predictions and new tourism podcast series

Budget 2021 predictions and new tourism podcast series

Brexit: Ongoing negotiations and tax issues

Brexit: Ongoing negotiations and tax issues

Updates to financial support schemes

Updates to financial support schemes

Wellbeing in lockdown

Wellbeing in lockdown

Zooms and books

Zooms and books

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Spirited away on the Isle of Jersey

I broke my phone. As in I actively, with intent, broke my phone. Never one…

Silent reverence in Laos

In the cloak of fading darkness, shadows appear in the delicate hues of a new…

Around the world in two kilometres

This is not a journey to a far flung corner of the world such as…

Paradise with stilts on

The atoll of islands the Maldives bashes every travel writing cliché into touch. Talcum powder…

Grand tour of Imperial cities

The ticket collector looks very young; his uniform is too big and swamps him. He…

Guernica, 80 years later: An anniversary of a tragedy

‘Celebrate’ would be an inappropriate word to choose, but on 26th April every year the…

Sake, dogs and community

With a sudden tug, Henry sends a slug of sake over my hand. Blame it…

The best New Year fireworks in the world: Vivid Sydney

Sarah Tucker takes a trip down under to Sydney’s winter and the annual drama that…

Fire blessing in Bhutan

Draped in silk and hand-woven gowns shimmering like rainbows, town folk and farmers come from…

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My new novella

Peter Ellegard photographed a woman rowing on Lugu Lake bordering the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in China

Online photography exhibition: On the Water

We dedicate this online photography exhibition to health workers.

Petra Shepherd's contribution to the British Guild of Travel Writers' Festivals themed online photography exhibition.

Online photography exhibition: Festivals

Attending a festival and photographing at it has the potential to raise complex ethical issues.

Surfers at Playa Guiones beach in Nosara, Costa Rica, by Andrew Day.

Online photography exhibition: People

People, it’s said, make places.

Remote house by Kirsten Henton.

Online photography exhibition: Wild

Wild can encompass wildlife, wild times and wild locations around the planet.

Online photography exhibition: Departures

Saying goodbye can count among the most emotional aspects of travel.

Travel writing and long reads

On target for a lucky break in Shillong

A journey of reinvention in Johannesburg, South Africa

Wrong turns and tobacco: Hiking the Tanzawa, Japan

Unsung heroes of the Seychelles

Holidays that are fair for everyone

Canalling with granny