Tim Bird

Travel writer / photographer

Tim Bird has lived since 1982 in Helsinki and is a member also of the Finnish Guild of Travel Journalists. Tim has written several books on Finland, Helsinki and the Baltics and accompanies his travel articles with top-quality images. He contributes regularly to the Finnair inflight magazine, Blue Wings, and to many other outlets, including The Telegraph and Lonely Planet website material. He specializes in travel to India in addition to Finland and the Nordic region. He was the Guild’s Photographer of the Year in 2012 and 2015 and has won several other awards for his photography.

Travel Categories: Adventure Travel, Conservation Travel, Culture

Regions: Finland (Incl Aland Islands), India

Skills: Editing, Photography (as main profession), Social Media

Recent articles

Every now and then I’m tempted to waste anything from 5 to 10 euros on lottery tickets, for which the numbers are chosen automatically, sold at the check-out at my local Helsinki supermarket. I gave up choosing my own numbers … ..more
The fishing town of Kannur in northern Kerala is an excellent base to discover one of India’s strangest and most colourful ritual celebrations – the Theyyam. Drawing on complex ancient mythology, Theyyams are performed almost nightly throughout the winter months, … ..more
Last winter I was enjoying the ride north from Rovaniemi, the provincial capital of Finnish Lapland, to Levi, one of Finland’s liveliest winter activity resorts, a couple of hundred kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. I had only just met … ..more
In a former Raj hill station, Tim Bird mingles with Tibetan exiles and seekers of Nirvana: Typical. I decide to visit the home of the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala in the Indian foothills of the Himalayas and he just happens … ..more
Tim Bird finds England’s fastest flowing river and the valley that takes its name are the perfect setting for active but leisurely paced holidays. Finns are known for their fondness for the hard stuff, but that’s got nothing to do with … ..more
I’ve been entering the annual Travel Photographer of the Year competition since about 2005 and I’ve noticed how the quality of entries and winners has risen in that time. There are plenty of photo competitions out there, some with bigger … ..more
“Las mariposas?” The butterflies? A man on a horse rides slowly out of the low sunlight on the edge of a heath. “Si,” I call back. Yes, I am looking for the butterflies. He waves for me to follow him … ..more
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