Images of 2016 from BGTW members

In case anyone needs reminding that, besides writing beautiful prose, BGTW members take beautiful photographs, here are some of their images that have captured the eye in 2016:

Lofoten Islands. Photo by BGTW 2016 Photographer of the Year Rudolf Abraham.
Lothmar Holi, India. Photo by Tim Bird.
Kambala racing in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka, India. Photo by Stuart Forster.
An emperor moth. Photo by James Lowen.
Children heading to school in a tuk tuk, Sri Lanka. Photo by Nori Jemil.
Oil seed rape in flower at Poundbury in Dorset, UK. Photo by Geoff Moore.
Sunset over the Water Mirror in Bordeaux, France
Sunset over the city’s Water Mirror, Bordeaux, France. Photo by Gillian Thornton.
Beach in the Sithonia peninsula in Chalkidiki with Mt Athos in the background, Greece. Photo by John Malathronas.
Street performer, Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Photo by Chris Coe.
Man with traditional headdress, Amazon, Brazil. Photo by Kiki Deere.
Iceland. Photo by Diana Jarvis.
Black-tip reef shark and ray, Bora Bora lagoon, French Polynesia. Photo by Emma Thomson.
Messner Museum, South Tyrol. Photo by Rudolf Abraham.
A penguin in Antarctica. Photo by Kerry Christiani.
Wooden shoes worn by maikos (apprentice geisha) in Kyoto, Japan. Photo by Jeremy Hoare.
Twix the springer on Aberdyfi Beach, Mid Wales, by Sue Watt.
Costa Rica: a deadly golden eyelash viper in a Limon Province rainforest. Photo by Stuart Forster (with a smart phone)
A singing nightingale
Singing nightingale. Photo by James Lowen.
Venice: morning gondolas and Isola San Giorgio. Photo by Nori Jemil.
Finland: sun sheds winter lights. Photo by Tim Bird.
Roger Bray

By: Roger Bray
Journalist, Speaker, Freelance Writer