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These are the 39th BGTW Tourism Awards (2016)

Over the years, the Guild has recognised scores of worthwhile tourism initiatives around the world. And the decision on who gets the kudos is down to you, the members. The list reflects us and where we travel in search of stories, from remote Pacific Islands to just down the road from where we live. Some projects cost millions; others are simpler community projects that take just as much effort and love.

BGTW Tourism awards - Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill wins Highly Commended in Best UK Tourism Project 2015

Since we launched the new web nomination form, there has been a terrific reaction from members. Destinations range from Egypt and Ethiopia to the East End of London, Austria and the USA. Many thanks to all who have entered projects so far. Click here to see what they are. We know there are lots more good candidates out there!
If you are wondering …
Does it qualify?
Is anyone else visiting/intending to nominate?
Get in touch with Kathy Arnold/Paul Wade ([email protected]) and talk about it.


Eligibility: Opened AFTER Sept 2013.
Closing date: August 19.
Presentation evening:September 13.

Here are 3 links to explore:

Details required are: your email & phone number; your entry’s category (UK, Europe, Wider World); correct title of project, its address, website, opening date. The project’s press/PR contact, job title, email; 200 words max on why project deserve consideration, plus the project’s social media details (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram).
Got those? Then click here.

We have compiled a list of new projects around the world … and will add to it as more come to our attention. Rievaulx Abbey or Hampton Court anyone? The Starry, Starry Night Cycle Trail in Holland? The National Blues Museum in St Louis, Missouri?
NB: you don’t have to have filed copy on them, just visited.
Click here for the list of ‘possibles’….

THE MAP Over the past 39 years, Guild members have recognised deserving projects all over the world. To see where, click here. And these are just the finalists: dozens more projects have benefited from the Guild’s exposure.

Kathy Arnold/Paul Wade [email protected]


Projects must be no more than three years old (ie after September 1, 2013). Apart from their obvious appeal as tourist attractions, we take into account:

  • social impact
  • local job creation
  • environmental impact
  • funding
  • accessibility

The range could not be broader, from the Tren Crucero, a tourist railway in Ecuador to the Nyungwe Nziza park project in Rwanda. Big hitters have included the restored Cutty Sark (London) and the new Acropolis Museum (Athens).

There are three categories:

  • UK and Ireland
  • Europe
  • the Wider World.

On a special Guild evening in September, proposers of the six shortlisted make a presentation to the members present; their vote decides the three finalists; a Guild-wide vote determines the Winner and two Highly Commended, a (secret) result announced at the November Gala Awards Dinner.

But this is not about Gold, Silver and Bronze. It really is about taking part. Making the top ten in the UK, Europe or the Rest of the World is no mean feat – and means such a lot to those nominated.


Benefits to the destination

  1. nomination gives new initiatives a boost, helps PRs to justify press trips
  2. being shortlisted for the September meeting gets a buzz going on social media
  3. getting to the final three on the eve of WTM generates real excitement at national tourist offices, PRs, tour operators.

Benefits to you as a proposing member

  1. nomination gives you kudos and appreciation from the destination, tourist office
  2. getting to the final gets you 2 FREE seats at the dinner: you, PLUS your guest (destination, tourist office, embassy)
  3. with our enhanced digital/social media coverage, you will get more exposure as a well-travelled expert

NOW make your nomination for 2016 here




Members awards are open to all members, and are judged by an independent panel of judges from travel industry, PR and media.

These are the categories for the 2016 awards…

  • Best Destination Article under 850 Words
  • Best UK Feature over 850 Words
  • Best European (non UK) Feature over 850 Words
  • Best Overseas (non European) Feature over 850 Words
  • Kenneth Westcott Jones Memorial Award for Best Transport Feature over 500 Words
  • BGTW Award for Excellence in Blogging
  • Adele Evans Award for Best Guidebook
  • BGTW Award for Best Narrative Travel Book
  • BGTW Travel Photographer of the Year
  • BGTW Travel Writer of the Year


  1. The closing date for entries is Monday 8 Aug 2016.
  2. The prize winners will be announced on 6 November 2016 at the BGTW Awards Dinner.
  3. Prizes cannot be exchanged, replaced, transferred, etc.
  4. If entries do not reach a satisfactory standard or there are insufficient numbers of entries in a category, the judging panel reserves the right to withhold the prize.
  5. It would be a great help to the Secretariat if members did not wait until the eleventh hour to submit entries unless they are entering material published in July.
  6. Photographs and DVDs should be marked with only the member number, title/subject and NOT the name or address of the member.
  7. Please address queries about Awards criteria, or queries about sending submissions, to the Secretariat on 020 8144 8713 or by email to [email protected]
  8. For the purposes of this competition, Turkey, Ukraine and the three Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) are regarded as being part of Europe. Russia and all the other countries of the former USSR, however, are not regarded as part of Europe for the purposes of the BGTW Members’ Awards.
  9. Every member may submit a maximum of one entry in each category.


  1. All articles submitted should be at least 500 words. Fact boxes are not regarded as part of the word count and should not be included. Articles that are outside the specified lengths will not be accepted.
  2. A self-contained chapter written by a member for a published book can be submitted for any of the article awards. The book must be sent to the Secretariat and the chapter must be of comparable length to the article, i.e. 500 to 2,500 words.
  3. Articles should have been published between 1 July 2015 and 08 July 2016.
  4. For the writing awards one article per category can be submitted. No article may be submitted for more than one category – except for an article, which has already been submitted in one of the other Members’ Awards categories may also be submitted as part of the wider portfolio for the Travel Writer of the Year (TWOTY) award.
  5. The KWJ Award the best Transport was created in memory of Kenneth Westcott-Jones, whose lifelong enthusiasm for transport worldwide was legendary. It is reserved for transport features over 500 words.
  6. Please follow these guidelines in preparing and sending your submission(s):
    • While it is obviously impossible to do the same for books, articles will be judged in their original unedited form as we believe that this best reflects the ability of the Guild members. A note to this effect will be given to the judges and published in the Awards booklet.
    • Please delete all headers and footers.
    • Please delete any family names (of children, wives/partners), which might betray the author’s identity.
    • The award category for which the article is being entered should be shown at the top of the document along with your personal Member ID number. This is available in the Members’ Info section of your Profile on the Guild website. If it has not yet been filled in, please ask the Guild Secretariat to assign a Member ID number to you. (Do check that you know your Member ID number well before the submission deadline. If you have any doubts, or if you still need to be assigned an ID, then let the Secretariat know.)
    • The article should be presented in Arial font, 12 pt, and lines should be double spaced for ease of judging.
    • Articles should be sent electronically to [email protected] in an email attachment as a word document or RTF, using the title as it appeared in the publication, and the author’s BGTW membership number. Entries by hard copy cannot be accepted.
    • Please also then scan and email the articles as published as proof of publication, to [email protected] (If you do not have access to a scanner, photocopies or originals will be accepted by post if accompanied with the entry form for ease of processing).

Guidebook Awards

  1. Guidebooks should have been published between 1 July 2014 and 8 July 2016.
    • Please submit TWO copies of each book for Judges to review them.
    • Books may be submitted for two consecutive years however a winning book may not be re-entered. Members might approach their publishers to supply the entry copies.
    • If the book is multi-authored, please make clear which sections of the book have been written by the entrant.
    • If more than one Guild member has worked on a book, they may submit a joint entry for the award as long as it is made clear which sections of the book are written by each member.
    • If the Guidebook is not the sole work of a member, the individual contribution of the member should not be less than a full chapter. The Guidebook should be at least 18,000 words. Only new chapters of second editions are eligible.
  2. If the member wishes to have the books returned, they should clearly state this and provide a stamped self-addressed envelope/jiffy bag to be used for this purpose. Any books that are not returned will be deemed to have been donated to the Guild and made available for use as raffle prizes.

Best Narrative Travel Book

  1. Narrative travel books should have been published between 1 July 2013 and 8 July 2016.
    • Please submit TWO copies of each book for judges to review them.
    • Books may be submitted for two consecutive years however a winning book may not be re-entered. Members might approach their publishers to supply the entry copies.
  2. If the member wishes to have the books returned, they should clearly state this and provide a stamped self-addressed envelope/jiffy bag to be used for this purpose. Any books that are not returned will be deemed to have been donated to the Guild and made available for use as raffle prizes.

BGTW Photographer of the Year

  1. Four photographs should be submitted. They need not be linked thematically. The award will be judged on all four photos.
  2. Photographs should be sent as hi-res JPEGs. Prints, transparencies, negatives or digital media cannot be accepted. The winning entries will be published in the Dinner booklet, in the Yearbook and on the Guild website. Entries should be uploaded in zipped folders labelled with your membership number ONLY and sent to the [email protected] via WeTransfer or a similar file sharing portal.
  3. Entries should be accompanied by proof of publication, whether cuttings/photocopies from publications or records from photo libraries. Please then scan and email the images as published as proof of publication, to [email protected] (If you do not have access to a scanner photocopies or originals will be accepted by post if accompanied with the entry form for ease of processing).
  4. Photographs should have been published within the previous two years, from 1 July 2014 to 8 July 2016. Previously entered photographs may not be resubmitted.

BGTW Travel Writer of the Year

  1. Your entry for this award should consist of a minimum of four and a maximum of eight articles, which should have been published between 1 July 2015 and 8 July 2016. Together they should make up a minimum of 4,000 and a maximum of 8,000 words.
  2. The articles must have been commissioned and may have been published in any magazine, newspaper or on the internet. Articles can be either for the consumer or trade press.
  3. Articles entered in any other category of the Members’ Awards may also be used as part of a portfolio for the BGTW Travel Writer of the Year award.

Award for Excellence in Blogging

  1. The blog in question should be primarily administered by you, and you must have the freedom to decide editorial content, advertising, layout and social media updates. If you write regularly for a website (even if it is called a blog) but have to adhere to guidelines laid down by someone else and have no say on the other matters then this is not eligible for entry in this category.
  2. The blog must have been published at least every fortnight for at least a year, since 1 July 2015 and up to 8 July 2016.
  3. Readership: at least 2,000 visitors a month (as shown by Google Analytics).
  4. The blog must have a MozRank of at least 4.
  5. Must be original material and related to travel.

Submission process:

Members need to demonstrate they are eligible by providing:

  • the URL of the site that gives archive evidence showing that the blog has been published at least since 1 June 2015, and at least once a fortnight since then. Judges will check and record the MozRank.
  • a screenshot of Google Analytics or similar showing an average of at least 2000 visitors/month over the last year
  • Judges to check and record MozRank
  • links to five articles from the blog that the entrant wishes to bring to the judges’ attention.


The entry form is a Word document that is available in the document library on our website.

Please fill in the form electronically and email a copy to the secretariat at [email protected] along with your articles, sending any back-up evidence to BGTW Members’ Awards at the Guild Secretariat, 335 Lordship Road, London, N16 5HG.

Please note that it is not the Secretariat’s responsibility to chase outstanding clippings, nor to carry out changes that entrants should have made themselves.

All entries and all supporting document must be received by the Guild secretariat by 8 August 2016.

Cuttings/photocopies of articles and CDs will not be returned. Books will only be returned providing a correctly stamped, self-addressed envelope is provided. In the photography section, some of the entries will be selected for inclusion in the Guild’s 2017 Yearbook and on the BGTW website.

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