Responsible and Sustainable Travel

Today, responsible tourism and sustainability are more important than ever. Travel media plays an important part in shaping how the diverse cultures and ecosystems around the globe are understood here in the UK. Our writers, photographers, bloggers, broadcasters and editors are integral in chronicling the world to diverse audiences and in sharing a greater understanding and respect for other countries and cultures.

As an organisation, we signed the Glasgow Declaration: Climate Action on Tourism in spring 2023 and have devised a set of sustainability pledges that will help support our members in understanding the climate crisis and how it impacts tourism.

You can see the full set of pledges here:

Before we signed the pledge, our Sustainability Lead, Diana Jarvis, spoke to Jeremy Smith, one of the founders of the declaration, about what we as a members’ organisation can promise as well as how we can go about implementing those promises. You can see the webinar here.

We then hosted a webinar with three experts in the field – Holly Tuppen, Georgiana Wilson Powell and Karen Edwards – exploring greenwashing in travel media. You can see the webinar here

For any further sustainability related questions or enquiries, please get in touch with Daniel Clarke [[email protected]] BGTW Sustainability Lead.