Apply to the BGTW

Thank your for your interest in joining the BGTW. Before you apply, please check that you meet our criteria. We will of course consider applicants who believe they would be suitable members even if they do not exactly meet the criteria below, especially given the portfolio nature of working in travel media today. So if you feel the BGTW is for you, email our Membership Director, Sarah Rodrigues, at [email protected].

You are a freelance/staff travel writer, blogger, editor, photographer or broadcaster working solely or primarily in travel
You live in the UK/Ireland, or hold a British/Irish passport, or work for predominantly British/Irish travel publications
You have not worked in travel PR in the past 12 months

For freelancers, in each of the past three years, you should have produced one or a combination of: 12 articles (as either writer or editor), one guidebook or travel book (as either writer or editor), 40 published photographs or 60 minutes of broadcasted video or audio.

For bloggers, the Board will evaluate the content and style of the blog. Additionally, in each of the past three years, you should have a blog that is updated at least fortnightly and has at least of 5,000 visitors a month on average, to be demonstrated by Google Analytics.

If you believe you qualify or you have a body of work in travel media that combines the above, please enter your details below to apply.

A full membership subscription costs £175 per year, plus a £50 admin fee for the first time you join us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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