Pitching and filing like a pro

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It’s never been more important to get your pitch game up to scratch. From what makes a good pitch to why your idea doesn’t get a reply, and the rules of ‘chasing’ to the ‘ouch’ question of rates, this frank debate with four top editors was a refreshing take on pitching that went way beyond the usual tips of ‘Read the mag first’ and ‘Check we haven’t covered it recently’.

We’ll talk about overwhelmed inboxes, how to get your pitch noticed, the tone of emails, taking ‘pitching rules’ with a pinch of salt, and, gasp, even what editors/publication can do better when it comes to working with writers. Essentially, all those questions that freelancers discuss among themselves, but don’t, can’t or are too worried to ask editors.

Featuring Lyn Hughes, editor-in-chief, Wanderlust Katie McGonagle, features editor, Travel Weekly Nicola Trup, associate editor, National Geographic Traveller Ben Ross, deputy head of travel, Telegraph and Hosted by: Meera Dattani events director, BGTW