SEO and travel journalism

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This webinar aired in December 2020. Once you have bought this product you will receive a link to the video via email, providing unlimited access to the recording.


SEO and travel journalism: How Google can help you land commissions SEO (search engine optimisation) is becoming increasingly relevant to the day-to-day realities of travel journalism. Often considered a topic of use only to bloggers, SEO actually plays a fundamental role in much of the industry, as publications increasingly move online and look to harness Google to bring them readers and revenue. In this talk, Steph Dyson, whose own travel website Worldly Adventurer received close to a million page views last year, shows us how SEO plays a part in everything from the commissioning process to improving the visibility of your own professional website or blog (and thereby increasing the chances an editor will stumble across you when searching for writers). She’ll provide examples of tools you can use for everything from keyword research to trend analysis and on-site SEO optimisation, all of which she uses on a daily basis for clients across industries in her role as SEO Content Manager for digital marketing agency Dark Horse.