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Biography :
Barnaby Rogerson is a writer, publisher and television presenter. Barnaby has appeared on the BBC Life of Muhammad, Al Jazeera’s Caliph and in many of Pilot productions, Muslim Empires series.
Barnaby has a scrapbook of over three hundred published articles (written for Cornucopia, TLS, Independent, Guardian, Telegraph and Country Life) pasted up on a website, Barnaby
Barnaby first wrote a History of North Africa, followed by a Biography of the Prophet Muhammad, then an account of the early Caliphate, The Heirs of the Prophet. The Last Crusaders (1415-1580) was followed by In Search of Ancient North Africa, and he has just finished, A House Divided a book looking at conflict zones within the Middle East complicated by the Shia-Sunni schism within Islam.
His day job is running Eland, a publishing house, which specializes in keeping classic travel books in print: