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  • Hannah Foster-Roe

Biography :
I am a Northants-based freelance journalist, writer, photographer and content creator with a focus on experiential travel, responsible tourism, food, culture, conservation and crafts. I specialise predominantly in the UK but cover destinations all across Europe and beyond.

While furloughed from my jobs in theatre during the pandemic, I started pursuing the possibility of a new career in travel media. My first professional byline followed in October 2020, and within two years I was on assignment for a dream publication in Latvia and seeing my work on supermarket shelves. Since early 2022, I have freelanced full-time as a travel, lifestyle and content writer, collaborating with various magazines, newspapers, online outlets and clients to tell heartfelt stories of remarkable people, places and spaces. I penned five entries (10% of the entire package) for TIME Magazine's list of the 'World's Greatest Places 2022', am a regular contributor to loveEXPLORING, and have also been published in Breathe,, The Independent and more.