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  • John Ruler


Jumbo changes greet soar-away 70s!

Lift off into history: one of the last two Heathrow based BA 747s leaves Heathrow on its final flight in October 2020. (Courtesy: British Airways)…

The BGTW in the Sixties

2020 was meant to herald a year of celebration. A time to fly the flag for reaching our 60th anniversary and an even brighter future….

Tomb of the unknown relative

As ceremonies to mark the centenary of the Great War continued, veteran Guild member John Ruler found a corner of a foreign field that revealed…

Theatre gets Guild award

The BGTW Tourism Awards are much sought after. John Ruler presented one that suggests the Entente Cordiale might survive even the hardest of Brexits……. All…

Vive Le Turkey Trot

With no apologies for puns, John Ruler (who stayed sober enough to take take the photos) describes an unusual Advent tradition just across the Channel………….