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  • Mike Unwin

Biography :
Freelance writer, based in Brighton, UK. Specialist in travel, nature and the outdoors. Regular contributor to numerous publications, including (national newspapers) The Telegraph, Times, Guardian and Independent, and (magazines) Wanderlust, BBC Wildlife, Travel Africa, Nature's Home and Saga. Author of 39 books for both adults and children, including: Southern African Wildlife, Swaziland and 100 Bizarre Animals (Bradt); The Atlas of Birds and Migration (Bloomsbury); the Enigma of the Owl and the Empire of the Eagle (Yale). Widely published photographer and illustrator. Regular speaker and occasional broadcaster. Awards include UK Travel Writer of the Year 2013 (British Guild of Travel Writers), Nature Travel Writer of the Year 2000 (BBC Wildlife) and LATA (Latin America Tourism Association) Best Newspaper Feature 2018. Based in Brighton, UK.