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  • Rossi Thomson

Biography :
Hello! I am Rossi Thomson. I am a travel blogger at Rossi Writes ( I specialise in in-depth destination travel guides, practical travel tips, and beautiful original photography making you want to see a place with your own eyes.
Currently, I focus on Italy and Europe and would like to add more countries and destinations to my blog. I am particularly interested in places that are rich in history and art and yet are off the beaten track. My ideal destination is rich in cultural, religious, and artistic sights, offers a beautiful view around every corner, has lots of curious local stories, and delicious local cuisine. Something like Padua in Italy, Braga in Portugal, Canterbury in England, and Toledo in Spain. I am also interested in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
My traffic varies between 80,000-100,000 pageviews per month depending on the season.
I am a linguist (with a degree in Portuguese Philology) and a budding art historian (I am studying for a two-year Certificate in Art History at the University of Oxford).

Here are some of my blog posts to give you an idea of my writing and photography styles:

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