Travel writers celebrate historic collaboration

Signing of the collaboration: (l-r) Alastair McKenzie, chairman BGTW; Barbara Ramsey Orr, ex-president SATW; David Swanson, president SATW; Danielle Lancaster, ex-president ASTW

A new collaboration has been announced that will strengthen ties and develop international co-operation between professional travel writers from Great Britain, Australia and North America (USA and Canada).

The international partnership, the first of its kind, brings together the British Guild of Travel Writers (BGTW), the Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW), and the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).

The historic collaboration was formalised at the SATW’s 2018 convention in Barbados last week. The initiative is being led by Alastair McKenzie, chairman of the BGTW, Barbara Ramsay Orr, newly ex-president of the SATW, and Danielle Lancaster, newly ex-president of the ASTW.

Commenting, Alastair McKenzie says: “I have been delighted with the overwhelming support I’ve received for this initiative. It has made me question why we didn’t do this before. I’ve also been encouraged by how quickly the co-operation has moved forward.

“SATW and ASTW members have already been made part of the judging panel for the BGTW members awards, the presidents of each organisation have already been made honorary members of the others, and members of all three organisations are already talking together and advising each other as a community on the combined Facebook group. This really is a major step forward in developing an international partnership that will benefit travel writers across the globe.”

Danielle Lancaster says: “The power and reach of each of the organisations can be increased exponentially through this international partnering.”

Barbara Ramsay Orr says: “We have much to share and to learn but together we also can own the global space to advocate for journalists on our shared travel and journalism issues.”

The British Guild of Travel Writers is a community of accredited writers, photographers, and broadcasters. It is the trusted body for independent editorial comment and expert content on worldwide travel.

For more press information, contact Alastair McKenzie: [email protected], or 020 8341 2866.

Stuart Render
By: Stuart Render Travel and Transport Writer and Editor