Discover #Latvia Travel Press Trip

Latvia has hosted several Guild press trips, but this one concentrates on places and activities not covered at all in previous ones.

It visits the north of the country, and even allows for a few minutes to be spent in Estonia.

There will be a ride on a narrow-gauge railway, opened in 1903, which is still a regular passenger service, visits to a manor house that belonged to a Baltic-German baron, to a castle dating back to the 15th century, to a 9th century wooden fort and to the Bible Museum.

Participants will see the preparation of local food products such as buckthorn juice and cider and will ride across a lake on a raft, accompanied by local musicians. There may even be some free time for other activities!

If you require further information, please email Neil Taylor. Also, all requests to join the press trip should reach Neil by August 10. The trip will be from 24 to 29 September.

Mark Bibby Jackson
By: Mark Bibby Jackson Editor, Freelance Journalist, Travel Writer