Events (past)

The Guild holds ‘First Steps to Starting a Blog’ event

In October, the British Guild of Travel Writers held a members’ event about blogging at The Chesterfield Mayfair hotel, London.

Board member Susan Schwartz and BGTW Chairman Alastair McKenzie presented to the attendees a discussion of choosing the right platform, finding your niche and setting the tone of voice.

Susan writes:

“I was pleased to offer my services as a blogger at the BGTW Members Event ‘The First Steps to Starting a Blog & then Growing It’ at the Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel on October 11, 2017.

“With the Chairman of the Board, Alastair McKenzie, I set about clarifying why exactly one starts a blog and the methods used to create one. I began the evening with an overview of blogging and then moved onto the practicalities of setting one up, hopefully making this process as seamless as possible.

“Thank goodness the folks at the Chesterfield had provided wine and beer to smooth the way as it got a bit complicated when delving into the difference between Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

After I felt everyone was on board with the setting-up process, I let Alastair power on with the more difficult subjects of promotion and engagement.”

The Guild would like to thank The Chesterfield Mayfair hotel for their hospitality.

Simon Willmore
By: Simon Willmore BGTW Chairman, Digital manager, Writer