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In the spotlight: Geoff Moore’s insider view of travel blogging

Here’s a video view of some of the exploits and work of a typical travel blogger these days, from Geoff Moore  a travel photographer-turned-blogger whom now is more often seen shooting video along with his stills as well as writing these days.

Being multi-skilled is certainly an advantage in the current world of media; video content is in demand as is getting close to the action!

Providing a breadth of content types on travel press trips, Geoff also has a strong focussed growing social media following, which is all part of being a travel writer in today’s industry.

Based on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, award-winning blogger Geoff has been to India Malaysia, Oman, The Seychelles, Lithuania, The Gambia, Latvia, Sardinia, Gozo, Wales, Germany, Isle of Man, Austria, Scotland recently with a return to The Seychelles coming in a few weeks.

A member of the British Guild of Travel Writers for 13 years he served on its board for two years he received honorary lifetime membership of the NUJ and his images have been used worldwide in magazines, newspapers and online.

The short video gives an insight into some of the assignments that travel bloggers and writers find themselves on. Somehow it seems to involve getting wet, being on precipices or just sometimes sampling sedate transport – be that in Wales or on a Himalayan railway.

Simon Willmore
By: Simon Willmore BGTW Chairman, Digital manager, Writer