Photo Essay

Images of a New Forest Winter

It may be soggy underfoot. Trees may be black and skeletal against a steely sky. A hard frost may dazzle on a sharp, cloudless morning. But winter in the New Forest has its own, particular atmosphere. Here, Guild photographers capture some of it…..

A snowy walk in the New Forest ©Frances Howorth
Waking up in the New Forest ©Juliet Rix
Anyone for an early morning round of Golf at the Bell Inn? ©Kirstie Pelling
Gorgeous early morning sun and frost in their garden at the Beaulieu Hotel ©Geoff Moore
Sheep at Hockey’s Farm ©Frances Howorth
Early morning walk by Lymington River in Brockenhurst which runs close to Balmar Lawn Hotel in the New Forest ©Valery Collins
New Forest Sunset @James Lowen
Up close and personal with a horse in The New Forest ©Chris Coe
Writer John Harrison transporting us through time ©Geoff Moore
Ponies at dawn ©Chris Coe
Roots of the New Forest ©Tim Bird
Palace House, Beaulieu ©Jeremy Hoare
Beautiful winter light in the New Forest ©Diana Jarvis
Roger Bray
By: Roger Bray Freelance travel writer/newsreporter