Online photography exhibition: People

Photographs of local folk help travellers form mental images of what to expect in a place. Quality photography is often a key factor in people deciding whether they’ll invest in travelling to a destination. ..more

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Life in lockdown

Days of prudent financial management went out the window and we discovered a bottomless pit of money to try to save the wellbeing of the country, through investing in the fight against COVID-19. ..more

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Zambia Wildlife Experience

European Jews first came to Zambia, then Northern Rhodesia, at the end of the 19th century. Many settled in its then capital Livingstone. Early arrivals were pioneers looking for better economic opportunities; later they came as refugees fleeing Nazi persecution … ..more

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BGTW Talks Travel: What destinations are doing now

Our BGTW Talks Travel discussions are part of a series of online events to bring people together during these extraordinary times, and help our members and other travel professionals move forward. These events aim to connect and educate us for … ..more

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My new novella

I have travelled extensively during my 26 years as a journalist, with and without my son. I’ve presented and produced award-winning TV, radio and print journalism and been rewarded with a lifetime of adventure and experiences, meeting interesting and unique people. I’ve … ..more

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Spirited away on the Isle of Jersey

I broke my phone. As in I actively, with intent, broke my phone. Never one to do things by halves, in a fit of hormonal rage (yoga is not working), as ten consecutive very bad things had happened in a … ..more

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12 top travel journalists unite to say: We love cruise

Twelve British travel writers have come together to produce a five-minute video explaining why they love cruises. The journalists, all working from home in lockdown, decided to act after being dismayed by unbalanced and inaccurate coverage of the industry over … ..more

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Slow travel in Laos

In the cloak of fading darkness, shadows appear in the delicate hues of a new dawn. An apparition of tangerine-robed figures takes shape from the soft glow oozing from the temple before me. One by one, in silent reverence, a … ..more

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Coronavirus support for businesses

Well who would have thought that we would be living in such a difficult time, both personal and professionally, just a few weeks ago. It is of course, unprecedented in living memory. There have been comparisons that the last time … ..more

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A brush with the Russian military

We had been hoping to meet ‘real’ Russians, but had not bargained on Dimitry. I guess no one really bargains on guys like Dimitry, but there he was, all six feet of him, lurching around in his army fatigues, a … ..more

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Around the World in two Kilometres

This is not a journey to a far flung corner of the world such as the Chilean port of Valparaiso, among the many favourite destinations I have visited over the years. Now I meander through my adopted home of Kinsale, … ..more

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