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Spirited away on the Isle of Jersey

I broke my phone. As in I actively, with intent, broke my phone. Never one to do things by halves, in a fit of hormonal rage (yoga is not working), as ten consecutive very bad things had happened in a … ..more

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Slow travel in Laos

In the cloak of fading darkness, shadows appear in the delicate hues of a new dawn. An apparition of tangerine-robed figures takes shape from the soft glow oozing from the temple before me. One by one, in silent reverence, a … ..more

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A brush with the Russian military

We had been hoping to meet ‘real’ Russians, but had not bargained on Dimitry. I guess no one really bargains on guys like Dimitry, but there he was, all six feet of him, lurching around in his army fatigues, a … ..more

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Around the World in two Kilometres

This is not a journey to a far flung corner of the world such as the Chilean port of Valparaiso, among the many favourite destinations I have visited over the years. Now I meander through my adopted home of Kinsale, … ..more

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Online photography exhibition: On the Water

We dedicate this online photography exhibition to health workers and employees in key industries whose efforts are helping to ensure we survive. Thank you to each and every one of you! ..more

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Fire blessing in Bhutan

Draped in silk and hand-woven gowns shimmering like rainbows, town folk and farmers come from every direction; women with babies bobbing on their back, old people leaning on bamboo staffs, men in knee-length chequered ‘ghos‘ with sweeping white cuffs and … ..more

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On target for a lucky break in Shillong

Every now and then I’m tempted to waste anything from 5 to 10 euros on lottery tickets, for which the numbers are chosen automatically, sold at the check-out at my local Helsinki supermarket. I gave up choosing my own numbers … ..more

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A journey of reinvention in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Johannesburg, or ‘Jozi’ to the locals, with its three million inhabitants (10 million if you include the broader metropolitan area) still has a mountain to climb in distancing itself from a long-established reputation of violence, fear and gang culture if … ..more

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Wrong turns and tobacco: Hiking the Tanzawa, Japan

As dawn approaches atop Tonodake (Mount To), a chill wind whips over the exposed peak. Off to the west, Mount Fuji begins to emerge as the darkness that cups the peaks of the Tanzawa range fades to a fleeting purple … ..more

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Unsung heroes of the Seychelles

With dozens of islands to choose from in the Seychelles, where do you start? After Mahe, Praslin and La Digue have been visited, this choice of three others will satisfy most in terms of price, quality, wildlife experience and environment, … ..more

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